According to Premier Marbella news sources, a recent study by Malaga University and commissioned by the City Council places the city only behind New York, London and Barcelona. Marbella holiday homes are ranked the fourth most expensive in the world. The offer of Marbella holiday homes is the largest in the province of Malaga with prices located among the four highest on the planet, but its irruption in the tourism industry has not yet helped to reduce seasonality.

These are some of the conclusions reached by a report prepared by the University of Malaga (UMA) on behalf of the City Council. The objective of the study is to know the repercussions of this relatively new phenomenon in the city and to study possible measures by the local administration that avoid negative repercussions both in the tourist offer and in the coexistence of citizens. The detailed report on the impact of housing for tourism purposes in Marbella, points out that the so-called ‘collaborative tourism’ is a phenomenon that will have continuity and represents an important challenge for those responsible for tourism management and planning of the destinations.

The report highlights the need to make compatible the tourist accommodation of the city with a sustainable urban model. Despite the magnitude and relevance acquired by tourist rental housing, there are few rigorous studies, as well as little information and available data on the subject.  The offer of Marbella holiday homes is the largest in the province of Malaga with 4,077 properties, 11,000 rooms and 23,452 places which is 15 percent of the provincial total ahead of Malaga which has 19,000 places representing 11 percent of the total. Therefore Marbella is ranked as the fifth Spanish municipality with the largest offer of holiday homes only behind Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

Most of the Marbella Holiday Homes on offer are located in the western district of Nueva Andalucia, which includes Puerto Banus where there is an abundance of urbanizations, villas and chalets with 1,408 homes and 7,955 places. In second place is the eastern sector of Las Chapas at the other end of the municipality, with 1,012 homes and 5,915 places. The area with less offer is the urban center of Marbella which includes the Old Town with 227 homes and 1,147 places.

This distribution of places is highlighted in the study by showing the existence of two areas, one with a large volume of beds in Nueva Andalucía (33.99%), the eastern sector of Las Chapas (25.27%) and Marbella West (17 , 72%) and another that has a lower supply such as the urban town center (4.90%), western sector of Las Chapas (8.39%) and San Pedro Alcántara (8.66%). The houses with less accommodation capacity are concentrated in the urban centers and the larger ones in urbanizations.

The evolution in the registration of Marbella holiday homes for tourism purposes has been spectacular in the last two years, multiplying by 40, a situation wherby the report explains that these homes had been operating for years without being subject to any specific regulations. In 2017, 48% or almost 3,000 homes on Airbnb were available for rent between one and three months – 27% or more than 1,600 homes had an availability of between four and six months and 25% of the houses could be rented for more than six months.

From these figures it is clear that the offer of the holiday rental in Marbella is very seasonal, to the extent that almost half of the accommodations are only available between one and three months of the year. Seasonality has a direct impact on the price and according to the study, the average daily price of homes for tourism purposes in Marbella is 150 euros per day, which places it as the fourth city in the world with the highest price per night, just behind New York (159.03 euros), London (157.32), Barcelona (155.61) and ahead of Los Angeles (138.51).

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