Overseas buyers account for 19.4% of Spanish property sales

Spanish PropertyAccording to Premier Marbella news sources, a report issued by the Council of Notaries in the first quarter of this year shows overseas buyers purchased a total of 15,402 properties in Spain, an increase of 27.2% for the same period year-on-year and accounting for 19.4% of all Spanish property sold in the first period of 2014. These figures would indicate that foreign buyers constitute one of the main engines of growth in Spanish property sales. Continue reading

2015 will be the turning point in the price of Spanish property

Spanish Property

According to Premier Marbella news sources, the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s stated in a report that Spanish property prices will fall by 8% in 2013, 5% in 2014 and 1% in 2015. La Caixa bank claim that property prices will start to turn around in 2015. Continue reading

Time is right to invest in Marbella property

Puerto Banus, Marbella

Marbella has long held great appeal for buyers seeking a property in a location with a warm climate, interesting cultural heritage, championship golf courses and excellent infrastructure. While the Marbella property market has suffered at the hands of the global recession and many vendors are accepting prices well below the asking value, this is actually good news for buyers seeking to purchase a home in this select enclave.  Continue reading

Marbella property prices stop falling and point towards stabilization in the market

Marbella property

According Premier Marbella news sources, recent data analyzed indicate that during the third quarter of 2013 property prices did not fall, registering a variation of 0.0% over the previous quarter. This price stability breaks the downtrend in the price of second-hand property that began in September 2007 and has continued with 24 consecutive quarters of falls, six years in total. Marbella Property prices would appear to have stabilized and the dramatic price drops are beginning to thin out. Continue reading

Indecision over sales price on Marbella property

Marbella Property

According to Premier Marbella news sources, when a vendor places their Marbella property for sale, the big question will always remain at what price? The fear of under-selling or the idea that prices can always be reduced leads many vendors to fall into the ‘overpricing’ category.  Continue reading

Property prices in Spain could fall below true market value

Premier Marbella Prices

According to Premier Marbella news sources, property prices will continue to fall over the next few years and will do so vigorously. The British research firm Capital Economics forecast a further fall in prices of approximately 30%, leading to a near total correction of 50% from peak levels prices in 2002. Continue reading

Decided to sell your property on the Costa del Sol

Premier Marbella Apartments

If you want to sell your property on the Costa del Sol in the current real estate market, you have to remember that many of the comments from potential buyers who visit a property have to do with its selling price and presentation. Premier Marbella set out a simple guide to help you focus on the most important issues. Continue reading

Property prices rise in Ireland for the first time since the crash – will Spain follow its footsteps?

Premier Marbella

According to Premier Marbella news sources, property prices in Ireland rose in June for the first time in five years since the crisis erupted. Experts are already saying that the worst of the crisis (when property values depreciated by 50%) may have passed. Specifically, property prices rose 1.2% year on year, the first increase since January 2008, according to figures from the government statistics office. Continue reading

SAREB change strategy in the sale of assets and Bank Repossession property


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes that SAREB or ‘Bad Bank’ should change its strategy, adjust its business plan and base it on more realistic and conservative property prices. That way SAREB forecasts on the evolution of property prices would be more optimistic, thus pointing towards another significant price correction on its assets and bank repossession stock. Continue reading