Continued growth in the Marbella property sector

According to Premier Marbella news sources, the Marbellla property sector has had some fresh wind put in its sails. Urban planning licenses valuing over 17 million euros have been approved in Marbella. These include projects for luxury villas in Santa Clara and La Cequilla. There are also two complexes of 44  and 41 homes to be built in Nueva Andalucia. A clear indication of the continued growth in the Marbella property sector. A recent report on the Spanish property market shows that building permits in 2017 are up 86 per cent in the Malaga Province. A total of 3,830 permits were issued to the end of September, the highest since 2008.  Continue reading

Marbella City Council requires developers to pay General Plan compensations

Ayuntamiento MarbellaAccording to Premier Marbella news sources, the local government of Marbella has agreed to initiate the enforcement of compensation from developers for the regularization of properties to the General Urban Plan (PGOU) and will require the developers to pay the charges as well as the duties of urbanization, as explained by the Marbella Town Planning councilor, Pablo Moro.

He pointed out that the promoters were given a voluntary period of one year after the approval of the General Plan in 2010, which was extended for another year on the understanding that it was necessary to wait awhile to ascertain how the first judgments would be. It is time to go a step further and initiate enforcement mechanisms once we already have a sufficient number of judgments from the Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) that support the system of normalization and adhering of the law, “he underlined. The Marbella City Council will send the warnings to developers with a payment card which reflects the amounts to be paid and other obligations, such as the duties of urbanization construction and environment. If payment of these amounts is not met within the initial timeframe, then fast track reclaim proceedings will be initiated. Continue reading

The Socialist Party complains that only 1,000 homes in Marbella have been legalized in three years

mini2-1367840286The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Perez has reported this morning that, of the 16,500 illegal properties that were entered under the new General Urban Plan (PGOU, only 1000 have been normalized through a system of compensation. Pressure is on the City Council to chase after the building developers who indirectly ‘stole’ from the municipality.

Isabel Perez believes that the percentage of homes (6%) regularized in three years is “minimal” and denounced that there has not been any effective compensation, something which is damaging to the municipality for its “lack of resources”. The councillor recalled that following the approval of the General Plan in 2010, the first year was voluntary for developers agree on a settlement of compensation, which was extended a second year. She complained that three years will have passed with little or no compensation being paid.

So far they have regularized the promoters who needed it, for example the Hotel Senator or Jardines del Príncipe, she said, while the rest remain “unaccounted for”, so consider that the City Council should do something. Perez has asked the municipal government team to make it a priority to seek out developers who have yet to settle compensation payments.