Positive data just released on the Spanish property market

Spanish Property

According to Premier Marbella news sources, a report released by the Ministry of Development provides detailed information on recent developments in the Spanish property market indicating that between April and June 123,159 property sales were completed. Continue reading

Marbella is the motor driving the increase in new building projects


According to Premier Marbella news sources the number of housing projects in the province of Malaga in the second quarter of 2015 has significantly increased compared to the first three months of this year, with 270 approved building projects. Furthermore, compared to the same period of 2014 it has increased by 314 percent, from 146 to 605 in April, May and June this year. Marbella is the motor driving the rise in new building projects. Continue reading

Is the Spanish property market entering into recovery mode ?

Spanish-propertyAccording to Premier Marbella news sources, the Spanish property market appears to be entering into recovery mode. The National Statistics Institute reported recently that in June, Spanish property sales had a significant rise in the Malaga province with 1,858 transactions. Continue reading

The largest cruise ship in the world will make two stops in Malaga in 2014

crucero-grandeThe ship will dock at the port for the first time on September 11 and again on 25 of the same month. The largest cruise ship in the world, the ‘Oasis of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean group, will make two stops in Malaga in September 2014. Malaga will be the first port which will be graced with the presence of the vessel with the base port in Barcelona there will be stops in the capital of the Costa del Sol and in Vigo, where the ship will dock on 27 September and 18 October. The shipping company has reported that it is the first time a ship of its kind will visit Europe. To date the ‘Oasis of the Seas’ and its twin sister ‘Allure of the Seas’, also owned by Royal Caribbean had operated solely in the Caribbean using Fort Lauderdale as a launch port. The ship, which was released in late 2009, has a gross tonnage of 225,282 tons, 360 meters long, 64 wide, 16 decks and a capacity for 2,394 passengers and 6,360 crew.

The Russians are coming

The Russians look to the Costa del Sol as a major Andalusian destination to spend their Christmas holidays. It is foreseen that 9.000 Russian tourists will arrive between the last two weeks of the year and early 2013 according to the company Translationhouse which are dedicated to language services specializing in tourism, catering and entertainment, with a strong specialization in the Russian market.

In fact, before the rise of tourism from the east, this company introduced in Malaga and the Costa del Sol an online Russian directory guide that presents Malaga businesses to potential Russian clients. Experts have said that the recent boom in tourism in Spain is one of the reasons why the middle class buyers are becoming increasingly more prominent in the real estate market. The number of Russian visitors who come to Spain almost doubled in 2012, with a record millionth tourist arrival in Malaga on October 31.